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I was recommended to Diane by another Hypnotherapist and I am so thankful that I was given her information. Before starting our sessions I had failed 5 driving tests, this alone had crippled my confidence in the car, I knew I was able to do it but the anxiety I felt during these tests was like nothing I had experienced before. I am a confident person but this knocked me, I tried self help Idea's from the internet, nothing seemed to make a dent in trembles I had.

I came to my first session skeptical, however I left with a new understanding of what calm felt like. I thought it would be strange to be vulnerable with a stranger but she has a fantastic ability to make you feel completely comfortable. I truly believe that with another person I would not have been able to relax enough for the hypnotherapy to work.

After a few short sessions she said I was ready, I couldn't believe it. So quick and easy, completely painless. The only reason I passed my driving test is due to diane's hypnotherapy sessions.

Even now when I drive and start to feel anxious, I go back to the anchor she gave me and the calm washes over me again.

I cannot thank  her enough for her help.


“Diane was brilliant in guiding me through the anxieties I was experiencing in preparing for some job interviews I had lined up. 

In my line of work presentations and public speaking are of critical importance and coupled with the nerves of being judged in the interview I needed to better rationalise and organise my mindset and emotions. 

Her confident and reassuring strategies, her warm and knowing intuition and understanding of people and what drives and motivates us gave me fantastic insights into creating a more calming and assured platform with which I could show of my best. I couldn't recommend her more highly if you're in the field of speeches, public presentations or face to face communication under pressure. And to top it all I got the job.. Thanks Diane, a ma zing!”


"I came to see Diane but was really nervous i had been in a bad place for a while, I wasn't sure if talking would make much difference however through our sessions i got to understand more of what the problem was and now I'm feeling much more able to cope.


"I had failed my driving test 5 times and was contemplating quitting when I came to see Diane, I had two sessions and felt like a completely different person - my driving instructor said the same and I passed 6th time which was the first test I had a test since seeing Diane, wish I would have gone sooner! It was a really positive experience all in all and would definitely recommend!"


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