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Driving the Anxiety Fears from your Test

You know you have learnt the theory, and that you can drive. Your instructor is amazing and knows you can drive, that’s why the test is booked, theory or practical. So many Hampshire driving schools find competent drivers who are held back by their previous fails, anxiety and nerves.

It creeps in, anxiety, often it fades out but sometimes it can start as a nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach, nausea, racing heartbeat and sweating – then it can end up as a paralysing phobia; worse than any movie. It’s really common but that doesn’t help; no matter how often well-meaning family and friends try to reassure you by telling you it’s irrational.

So, how can you learn to control your anxiety and nerves like you have learnt to control your car?

In many ways it’s mind over matter – however that classic- “fear or flight” response isn’t very helpful (unless you’re living in cave and needing to fight a woolly mammoth to eat for dinner).

So here are some simple tips to start you on the road to confidence.

The Basics: Eat and drink rubbish and you won’t feel great. Take care of yourself, avoid skipping meals and choose foods that make you feel good. Alcohol the night before can also trigger blood sugar imbalance.

Caffeine: A known trigger for anxiety. Give the latte and cappuccino a swerve – it can benefit your anxiety as well a boosting your bank balance.

Manage your stress levels: A common cause for anxiety is long exposure to stress. Do what you can to lower your stress levels: exercise, take more breaks, meditation, mindfulness yoga, etc…

Affirmations: Hand write (yes with a pen and not on a keyboard!) – some positive affirmations about your driving skills. Your ability to drive calmly and confidently, staying relaxed. For example. “I’m calm, comfortable and relaxed whilst driving and I have the skills I need to pass” Read them before you go to sleep and whilst you clean your teeth when you get up. Say them out loud and imagine yourself driving while feeling calm and relaxed. Don’t underestimate the power of this simple exercise (even if you feel a bit ridiculous, if you really want to go for it look in the mirror right at yourself whilst you day it).

I can offer great results in only a few sessions using recognised hypnotherapy techniques.

Here’s a little of what two terrified learner drivers said after a couple of one hour sessions, Full review on my website

“…… I felt like a completely different person, my driving instructor said the same and I passed 6TH time, wish I would have gone sooner…”

“………Diane really helped me get over my anxiety with driving, without her, I would not have passed my test….” This client had already failed four times.

So if you would like to book, or call to chat and see if this is something you would like to do, please call, text or email.

To discuss the idea of how hypnotherapy can work alongside your instructor to help drive your anxiety away, call 07808 395651 or email

Check out my website and FB page Diane Taylor , The Counselling Room.


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